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Who am I

I danced like you

Sport is my life. I danced competitively and in various styles I made it to the national title and success on the international scene. Later, I became a coach, so I know the top sport from several angles. As a dancer, I went through several injuries and health eventually ended my career prematurely.

Then school was the priority

Sport psychology was the best choice. I studied Sport and Performance Psychology in Scotland, which showed me a lot of different directions and has become my biggest passion, hobby and part of my life since.

I help athletes now

I lead individual consultations and group seminars for athletes, parents and coaches. I deal with techniques that can improve motivation, performance, training and also everyday life. I participate in sports actively and passively.

Sport psychology is for anyone who wants to increase their performance and be better than the day before.

I believe that the right way is to balance the physical and the mental aspects of sport. And our common goal will not only be a great performance, but also simply a good feeling and positive emotions from sport, which is the most important thing.

Návrh bez názvu White

During my studies and practical training in Scotland, I published several materials. Below are examples of some of them.

  • What makes leader great – a brief summary of transformational, charismatic and transactional leadership and a reflection on what makes leaders great
  • Case study – case study deals with a 14-year-old tennis player who suffers from anxiety and does not believe in herself, the intervention is focused on visualization and how to use it
  • How narcissism affects conflict in dancing couples – diploma thesis examining the effect of narcissism on the level of conflict, respondents were from different age categories and from different parts of the world
  • Interventions for music students – a study proposal describing how anxiety and stress arise in music students and how to examine which methods help the most
  • Cooperation with the competitive university dance team – a detailed description of cooperation with the dance team during the year and a demonstration of the workshop