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Nikola Pavlíčková

sport psychology

Good athletes are made from talent and training. The winner is made by his mind. I will make sure that the right mindset brings you to success.

Sport psychology is not just for athletes. It is also here for coaches and parents. If you are a coach or a parent I can help you understand topics related to performance and communication with athletes or your children, which will lead them not only to better results, but also to the joy of sports. As a former top athlete, I always try to empathize with my clients. However, we are all different, there is no universal manual and that is why I approach everyone individually.

I will make sure you get the most out of your training.

Why are some athletes successful and others not when they train similarly? Why doesn’t someone in the race even get close to the performance during practice? You will find the answers in your mind. Nowadays, physical condition and technical training is no longer enough. The basic building block of the winners is the involvement of mental training as an integral part of the entire training. I will help you cope with tense situations so that your actual performance is fully appreciated during the match or the race.

Who will use sport psychology?

Sport psychology doesn’t have to be just for experienced professionals. Sport psychology is widely used across all disciplines and age categories. Equally important is working with coaches and parents of young athletes. The basics of the right approach to mental training pays off especially when used since youth categories. When they build a healthy relationship with sports since kids, they will benefit from it for the rest of their lives. And it doesn’t matter if they become olympians or they do sports just for fun.

"We contacted Nikola at the beginning of the season, when we needed to unite a new team. In the end, our cooperation had a much greater impact on other areas that did not even occur to us at the beginning and helped to improve our performance."
Thomas N.


"Nikola has been training in our club since she was a child, so it was a clear choice to contact her for cooperation, as she knows the environment and requirements of top athletes. The cooperation is appreciated by parents and coaches related to our club."
Martin L.

head coach, dance

"Nikola helped all our teams with the whole preparation and taught us several techniques to relieve nervousness before the competition performance."
Becca G.


"Nikola's advices and general assistance are a real help and a big step forward in our club."
Pavel Hudík

chief coach

"Nikola and I have been working on the development of youth coaches since October 2019, and I cannot praise our cooperation more."
Jakub Menhart

general manager

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